The Super Hero Alliance was a popular superhero team founded in the 1940’s. The Super Hero Alliance’s leader was Lighting Liztzo and the Super Hero Alliance was based in Hero City. In the 1970’s The Super Hero Alliance disbanded and soon two decades later a new superhero team named The Super Dudes was founded. The Super Dudes replaced the former Super Hero Alliance as the top superhero team of Hero City. Many of the Super Hero Alliance members are now retired or have gone missing. But Lighting Litzo is currently a super villain bent on world domination. Also Lighting Litzo is immortal and he gained immortally through a strange liquid he drank. Lighting Litzo is now a powerful enemy of the Super Dudes.

The Super Hero Alliance Members!

· The Human Spring

· Bobblehead Man

· Lighting Litzo

· Car Man

· Toilet Tom

· The Living Eyeball

· Chicken Chuck

· Pancake Man & Syrup Boy

· Thinker & Shadow

· Tennis Master

· Card Shark

· Navy Ned

· Blabbermouth Bob

· Madame Mud

· Steam Jet Joe

· Mr. Knifes

· Computer Man

· Kangaroo Man

· Abominable Man

· Retail Man

· +1

· The Garbage Man

· The Referee

· The Yellow Fellow

· Eggshell

· Panda Pete

· Crazy Senior

· El 666

· Boner Bill

· The Sleepy Soldier

· Captain Crap

· Freshman

· Hologram Harry

· The Wonderful Walrus

· The Dancer

· Sir Hiccup

· Sunscreen Sam

· Myth Man & Tall Tale

· Fairy Princess & The Glamour Gang

· The Middle Finger of Justice

· Business Man

  • Muscle Machine & The Workout Society
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