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The cover of his first ever appearance!

Spotty is a talking dog with ADD and isn’t that bright. Spotty has many friends and just as many foes. He’s been everything from an adventurer to a superhero and he’s even the pope of Buckyism. Spotty is my favorite character and possibly my oldest continuing character. Spotty future is bright, and that’s not bad for an annoying talking dog you can’t help but love (or even hate)!

When Steven Butler, Jr. was in first grade and he used to draw after he finished his work. One of his helpers Mrs. S saw him drawing and soon she helped get him hooked into making books. She was even the one who even gave him the Doodle Book, (now Doole Book). The way Spotty came to be created was that Mrs. S thought he needed to make up his own characters, so he could be original. (Since Doole Book only had characters that other people made like Disney and Mario Bros.) Soon Spotty was born. But at the time he didn’t know Spotty would be what he is for Steven J. Butler, Jr. today. Spotty is one of his oldest continuing characters. And he didn’t know that Spotty would have many other stars (like Beardy, Coyote, and Spotty Jr.). But Spotty today is rarely in his own books, but he has been a guest star in at least every book Steven J. Butler, Jr. has ever written, (like Max Storm, Comic Book Land, Funtime, KWE, and even Stork). Spotty is the only character to have his own magazine named after him. Steven Butler, Jr. hopes Spotty never dies, because for him it all started with a dog.

Spotty’s accomplishments!

· Funtime hall of famer

· Bucky Werks hall of famer

· 2-time Doole Book Legends award winner