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“Playroom: The Living Toys”- The hero in this story is named Goofy Villager.  He is a toy that is brought to life by a being known as The Playmaster. Goofy Villager lives a happy life in his little village until The Hunter captures him and the rest of the villagers. The Hunter works for the Slave Master and soon all the villagers are slaves to the Slave Master. The Slave Master makes the villagers work on a device to summon the gods.  This device is named,  “The God Summoner”.

Goofy Villager and his friend Cat Villager escape The Slave Master.  The two escape with a special part of The God Summoner, the ‘gold piece’. During their journey to find the gods, Goofy Villager and Cat Villager befriend a hero named Badass.  Badass lost his mentor to a villain known as The Master. Badass helps Goofy Villager and Cat Villager in their quest to find the meaning of their existence in this world we later learn is called the Playroom.

The Master, a powerful toy in the world of the playroom, is actually trying to please the being known as The Playmaster.  The Master stole a device that is of great importance to The Playmaster. The Master along with his top henchmen try to learn the secrets of the Playmaster’s device along with trying to stop the Playmaster from ending their world. 

Goofy Villager, Cat Villager and Badass team up with one of the gods simply called God Woman. After an attack from The Master’s henchmen, The Playmaster takes away Badass and God Woman to meet their maker. Goofy Villager and Cat Villager then form an alliance with Mountain Man, who helps escort them to the heavens to talk with the gods. After dealing with two con artists and a creature called The Beast (The Playmaster’s Pet) along they way, our heroes make it to the gods.  The gods order them to confront The Master. Unfortunately, it is too late.  The Playmaster kills The Master and henchmen because they stole his game console.  Goofy Villager is the sole survivor in the playroom.   

The Playmaster is a young adult who is finally getting rid of his toys and The Beast is his pet dog in the real world.  This whole adventure is The Playmaster’s last play day with his old toys.