“Playroom: Before the Goodwill” is a prequel to the original online picture book “Playroom: The Living Toys”. It takes place 2 years before the original book and it’s about a young man named Neo. Neo doesn’t remember his past. Neo is captured by The Slave Master and forced into slavery.  With the help of a figure known as The Mysterious Man, Neo escapes The Slave Master and goes on a quest to discover his origins.

Along the way, Neo discovers an apocalyptic event called “The Goodwill” that means the end of life for people in the land of The Playroom. Neo tries to prevent The Goodwill from happening, but he is also being hunted by two bounty hunters named Badass and Mentor. Badass and Mentor were hired by The Slave Master to bring Neo back to him. Neo faces challenges from threats like The Game Master, The Music Man and The Con Artists. After defeating all those foes, Neo meets Mountain Man who guides Neo to the heavens. During his quest, Neo befriends the Knights of The Goodwill, a band of knights who are preparing for the Goodwill.

It is when Neo arrives at the heavens, he discovers his true origins. Neo is actually the son of God Woman and Hammer God. Neo is a god and not a mortal. Meanwhile, The Mysterious Man is working alongside The Professor to free his master from a frozen imprisonment. Neo asks his parents if they can help him prevent The Goodwill.   His parents say that The Goodwill is decided by a being more powerful than themselves.  It is decided by a being called The Playmaster. Neo leaves the heavens and when he returns to The Playroom, he is captured by Badass and Mentor. Immediately, The Mysterious Man rescues Neo. After rescuing Neo, The Mysterious Man asks Neo for his help in freeing his master.  The Mysterious Man informs Neo of his desires for The Goodwill. Neo flees because he realizes they are more powerful than him.  The Mysterious Man’s master is free.

Neo escapes and meets up with GunMan, Giant Woman and Fat Biker who are moving a device called The God Summoner to be sold off to its new owner. After a battle with a giant monster, Neo is wounded.  He takes a gold piece from The God Summoner to find a new hero to continue his mission. Neo dies and the gold piece chooses Goofy Villager to continue his quest and the original story begins.

We later learn that The Playmaster is a child who is slowly growing up and that The Goodwill is when the toys are donated to Goodwill. 

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