“Computer Commandos” are a superhero team made up of the robotic, cyborg, or tech powered heroes of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe that was formed by the U.S. government to combat robotic threats against the country and the world. The “Computer Commandos” are headed by General J. and aided by robotic inventors/scientists Ron J. Orson, Element (Ken P. Fillips), The Scuba Diver Bros. (Scott Diver and Rick Diver), Business Man, Expo Speed, Dr. Wrestling and Hank Hunter. “Computer Commandos” members include Tech Spot, Nickbike, General Brown, General Warfare, Crane Man, High Tech Nick, R-Man, Computer Man, Hologram Harry, Steam Jet Joe, Toilet Tom, Car Man, Rusty the Changer, 3-K, and Chris “DJ” Edge. The “Computer Commandos” don’t always seem to get along and many of them struggle with their daily lives. Some members wish to be human while some feel they are being too controlled by their superiors. High Tech Nick feels conflicted because he’s a 30 year old stuck in the body of a teenager and he’s tired of his daily upgrades which make him feel even more unhuman because he feels his upgrades are making him more machine than man. Computer Man, Hologram Harry, Steam Jet Joe, Toilet Tom, Car Man, 3-K, General Warfare and Crane Man feel like they are outdated technology in a modern tech world they can keep up with. Also Rusty the Changer feels conflicted because he was reprogramed by the “Computer Commandos” because he used to be a member of an enemy group while some members like Chris “DJ” Edge and R-Man may secretly be helping the enemy so they aren’t very trustworthy among their fellow teammates. The enemies of the “Computer Commandos” are other robotic/tech based super villains that include X-Eye, Virus, Dr. Hurt, Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.), Buzz & Kirk, Dr. Sumo, Blue Jay, Night Watch, Dr. Duck, Robo-Spotty 4.0, Dr. Frankenstein, Professor Snout, Igor, Todd Hog, Japan Jenny, X/99, The Mugger, Robo Rexes, Coyote, Professor Vulture, Insane Dog Catcher, The Changers, Bang & Boom, Mac Machine, and Xane the Exterminator. Plus the “Computer Commandos” also don’t just fight crimes and wars in the present, they also face threats from the future that are coming into our present. The enemies from the future include The Exterminators, Mega Mind, and Sure 5. The “Computer Commandos” also have allies from the future which include Mike Storm, X-Eye 3000 (Ben Q.), Grey H. Kenson and Jacob Q. (X-Eye 3000’s father). So can “Computer Commandos” protect our world from enemies from both the present and the future? Will the “Computer Commandos” ever truly feel human or will they become more machine than man? Would the “Computer Commandos” ever really want to be more human? Who can the “Computer Commandos” trust when anyone might be the enemy? Read “Computer Commandos” and learn more about the technological superheroes and super villains of the “That Spells Action Heroes” when it comes out very soon!

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