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The man who created Butler INC. Wiki and countless characters!

Welcome to the Butler INC. WikiEdit

Butler INC. Wiki talks about the history of Butler INC. characters and Butler INC. businesses. The characters in Butler INC. Wiki were created by Steven "Bucky" Butler, AJ Lu, Shane Lu, Mrs. S, Frankie Cuffan, and Anthony Scornavacco. Some of these characters are not that well known but you the Wiki user can not only contribute but learn more about them. So enjoy Butler INC. Wiki and use it wisely!

More Info About Butler INC. WikiEdit

My characters vary from talking dogs to superheroes. All of these characters have biograhpies in this wiki and this wiki will let you learn more about them. You can also add characters of your own to this wiki and make them part of the Butler INC. family and find an audience for them.If you want to find a character just type a letter in in the search and pick one you like to learn more about. Or you can click on the Random Page button which will pick a page at random until you find one you would like to learn more about. Enjoy Butler INC. Wiki!

Latest activityEdit

  • new page The Beast (The Playmaster’s Pet)
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: The Beast is a monster who destroys toys inside The Playroom and is a servant to The Playmaster. The Beast lives in the mountains and is an enemy of...
  • new page The Master
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: The Master is an evil action figure and a very powerful while also mysterious figure in The Playroom. The Master has many henchmen and is strong even...
  • new page Cat Villager
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: Cat Villager is a friend and ally of Goofy Villager. He's a toy cat and quite small yet also overweight. Cat Villager aids Goofy Villager in his...
  • new page The Hunter
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: The Hunter is an action figure who live in the Playroom. The Hunter is a bounty hunter who works for The Slave Master and hunts down toys inside The...
  • new page Goofy Villager
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: Goofy Villager is a toy who is given life by a being known as The Playmaster. Goofy Villager would eventually get captured and become a slave to The...
  • new page The God Summoner
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: The God Summoner is a device that can summon the gods. It was invented by a member of the Knights of the Goodwill and went through many owners...
  • new page The Professor
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: The Professor is an action figure henchman who works for The Master. The Professor is very smart and loves to build technology. The Professor also...
  • new page Hammer God
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: Hammer God is the father of Neo and a holy action figure. Hammer God wields The Holy Hammer, a powerful weapon in The Playroom. Hammer God is the...
  • new page God Woman
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: God Woman is the mother of Neo and a goddess with super powers. God Woman is also an ally of Goofy Villager and a very powerful action figure in The...
  • new page GunMan, Giant Woman and Fat Biker
    created by Buckybutler
    New page: GunMan, Giant Woman and Fat Biker are action figures who live in The Playroom. GunMan is an action figure who is quite good with guns. Giant Woman is...
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