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Bossk is a retired bounty hunter from an alien planet and a current network intern who works on “The Cool Fox Show”. Bossk is also the nephew of Mr. Thing and the heir to his fortune. Bossk is very dumb and an alcoholic. Bossk has a very annoying voice and behaves like a literal child. Bossk isn’t even in college and the only reason he got the internship was because of good old nepotism. Bossk likes to get drunk at bars with Tiny Batman and he and Tiny Batman even have matching tattoos. Bossk claims to work on the side of the space mafia, while he’s really a space mob informant working for the space FBI to not go to prison planet. Bossk is half lizard and half human creature, and he claims that he’s from a planet called LizMars, his race is called Lizardechtos claiming he is a royal descendent of a great space lizard king and a being of pureblood on his home planet. It’s rumored he is not an alien prince, but his father being an average human who just screwed a Komodo Dragon in the Bronx Zoo during afterhours.  Bossk will one day own the station that airs “The Cool Fox Show”, it’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when!

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